The Preserve at Los Altos a Luxury Manuel Antonio Hotel

Need a holiday? Thought you might… Close your eyes and open your mind to creating your ultimate dream holiday. Don’t hold back now – list everything your heart could possibly desire. Got it? Now you probably dread returning to reality where you suspect that holiday could never exist anywhere but in your dreams – but you would be wrong.

Tucked away in the breath-taking beauty of Costa Rica’s Manuel Antonio, lies The Preserve @ Los Altos Hotel. Never heard of it? Well, that’s okay – you’ll know it when you see it because it is all you have ever dreamed of and very much more.

Manuel Antonio Hotel - The Preserve at Los Altos

The Preserve at Los Altos Manuel Antonio Hotel is the epitome of luxury, with a five-star rating, that would no doubt easily earn more stars if there were higher ratings! One would think this kind of luxury and extravagance would come at a cost to the fragile ecosystems around it, but this is just one more exceptional thing about this spectacular holiday destination – it exists in the heart of a very special combination of ecosystems with little or no impact on the environment.


Penthouse Suites at Los Altos Manuel Antonio Hotel

The names of the available accommodations are a creative insight into the majestic natural beauty accessible to guests. This luxury Manuel Antonio hotel does not simply allow guests to observe the exquisite natural beauty of the fauna and flora of Costa Rica, it allows visitors the exceptional experience of immersion into nature. From the gorgeous Rain Forest Suites to the sumptuous Treetop, Ocean, and Jungle View Suites, your physical comfort is assured. The Balinese-inspired suites are decorated, furnished and designed with impeccable taste and attention to detail. The five-star amenities are standard throughout and the luxury condos offer 2500 square feet of splendor, comprising of 3 bedrooms, each with their own balcony (and spectacular views), a state of the art kitchen, dining room and ultra-comfortable living areas. Penthouse suites are sprawled out over 4200 square feet and each offers 4 bedrooms on 3 levels, accommodating a maximum of 8 guests.

5 Star Amenities and Activities

Spa and Wellness at Los Altos Manuel Antonio Hotel

At this point you might well be relishing the thought of hiding in your private suite for your entire holiday, and while that is a most attractive prospect, it is very unlikely to happen because The Preserve @ Los Altos has activities and pleasures on offer that will tempt even the most committed recluse to leave the indulgent confines of their suites!

It goes without saying that this hotel offers everything you would normally expect from a luxury resort, from a spa and wellness center, to a gymnasium, and even facilities for meetings and events. A few of their offerings deserve special mention and these include private dinners, fun cooking classes, hiking trails and the most inviting infinity pool with breath-taking views and relaxing setting. If you are looking for a boutique hotel nestled in Manuel Antonio’s rainforest, feel free to check Los Altos’ brother hotel, Jungle Vista Boutique Hotel.

There are lots of activities and tours you can enjoy while visiting Manuel Antonio, from surfing and white water rafting to birding; Manuel Antonio has it all. Note: if you love birdwatching, check out the following website costaricafocus.com , they are the best!

The Best Dining in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

Karolas Restaurant at Los Altos Manuel Antonio Hotel

The hotel also boasts its own premier gourmet restaurant, where a fine dining experience will indulge your palette’s wildest dreams. The restaurant is designed in a way that opens it out onto nature and in this incredibly tranquil setting the stunning ocean views will be the least of your pleasures. The menu is contemporary and has a strong emphasis on fresh products, making your luxury escape both rejuvenating and healthy.

Fantastical Exclusive Beach

Exclusive Beach at Los Altos Manuel Antonio Hotel

The beach in Manuel Antonio. Remember your dream? Well, it is all that you ever dreamed of, with a mind-blowing upgrade. Set in the incredible beauty of the rain forest, this exclusive private beach is accessible by the hotel’s beach shuttle. Here your every desire is met, from drinks to sun loungers, snacks, and towels. It is an explorer’s wildest fantasy come true and low tide pulls back the treasure chest’s lid on stone turtle traps that are precious relics from the life and times of the Quepoan Indians, who built the traps there, hundreds of years ago. This special beach is guaranteed to put more than a splash, sun, and sparkle into your holiday – it will steal your heart.


Whether you are planning a holiday or a romantic trip to celebrate the love of your life, The Preserve @ Los Altos Manuel Antonio Hotel & Resort is the place to go. A destination of incomparable luxury and natural beauty, this hotel really is the stuff that dreams are made of. Book now to make your wildest dream of escape a rejuvenating reality. ”ENDS”.